“When I recieved the airbrushed painting of my baby, I had to keep looking at the photo to see the differences. The painting was a true likeness, even down to the strands of hair! I had requested different colour flowers, to what was in the photo, to match my sofa and this was done perfectly with no protest or problems. Sebastian did such an amazing job that anyone who comes into our living room comments on it with lots of admiration. Thank you to Sebastian who is a wonderful artist!”

“Well done and thank you so much. It’s a very special gift that we will always appreciate and enjoy.”

“Sebastian painted a wonderful picture of my granddaughter. The painting was very life-like and at the same time added an artistic quality to it, giving it an extra dimension that you won’t get from a photo. The colours are vibrant and the painting really captures the essence of my granddaughter. It is a work of art that will bring pleasure for many years to come.”